How knitting machines can achieve low cost and high productivity?

2021, Brazilian customers purchased the SJ3.0 single Jersey circular knitting machine at LEADSFON. We have our own agent and overseas after-sales service point in Brazil. After the customer receives our single-sided machine, our agent will go to the customer to guide and help our customer install the machine and ensure the normal operation and production of the machine. cloth. Customer feedback said: "The service provided by LEADSFON is very thoughtful, which is very helpful for us to use the machine normally, and there is no problem during operation, which greatly reduces our maintenance cost"

SJ3.0 single Jersey circular knitting machine


The person in charge of Brazilian customers said: "In the past, manual calculation of output was very error-prone, and workers needed to keep an eye on the operation of the machine, but since the introduction of the LEADSFON circular knitting machine, the machine's real-time monitoring and intelligent computing functions have not only saved manpower but also increased production capacity.

At the same time, customers also reported that LEADSFON single jersey machine selection of imported italian gears and transmission, independent patented spiral lift adjustment system, distinguished from the four - track steel wire drive conventional equipment,using its own patented dual steel wire runway , reduce friction , smooth operation , greatly enhance the speed, independent patented take-down system, special steel frame to balance the body during high-speed operation, three sets of five-stage yarn feed system, large pattern range with up to 4 needles tracks in cylinder cam and a wide gauge fabric,different frame types available for different production requirement.

SJ3.0 single Jersey circular knitting machine


The person charge introduced: "In the past, one operator could only operate 3 pieces of equipment, but now one operator can operate 10 pieces of equipment at the same time; before, one piece of equipment could only produce about 100 kilograms of fabrics a day, while the LEADSFON knitting machine can produce 120 to 130 kilograms a day; Capacity mentioned at least 30%.”

At the same time, the new equipment operates with low noise and the production environment has been improved.


Post time: Apr-13-2022