Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine For Highly Productive

Leadsfon brand high speed single jersey circular knitting machine, model SJ3.0, It can knit plain, spandex, mesh fabric and can make sportswear, swimsuit and so on.

  • Item NO.: SJ3.0
  • Product Origin: Fujian, China
  • Lead Time: 30~45 days
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Power: 5.5 KW
  • Weight: 2800 KG
  • Gauge: 14GG-24GG
  • Diameter [inch]: 26”-42”

Product Detail

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Our Feature

1. It is proved by a Long- term practice that we have mature technology and a wide range for customers to choose.
2. All accessories precision standardization, are interchangeable directly assembled into a machine
3. Product structure reasonable compact, easy conversion
4. High-quality materials, the most advanced technology refined processing of standard parts
5. Distinguished from the four-track steel wire drive conventional equipment, using its own patented dual steel wire runway, reduce friction. smooth operation, greatly enhance the speed
6. Design and processing technology in line with CE Standard Equilibrium angle
7. Using special steel frame to balance the body during operation
8. Having many patented technologies

SJ3.0 single Jersey machine heart (7)
SJ3.0 single Jersey machine heart (8)

Production Example

SJ3.0 for 32 inch, open width and 28rpm [unfinished,85%]

Structure   Gauges (E)  Yarn   Weight (g/m2) Production kg/h 
Single jersey 28 Cotton Nm 30/1Ne 125 24

Technical Details

Type SJ3.0
Diameter [inch] 26” - 42
No. Of feeders 78F - 126F  [3 feeds per inch] (Example:32” 96F)
Speed factor [max] 960 (Example : 30rpm at 32” )
Gauges [E] 14GG-44GG

Applicable fabric

SJ3.0 single Jersey machine fabric
SJ3.0 single Jersey machine fabric (2)

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