Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine For High Speed

Leadsfon brand high output double jersey circular knitting machine, model DJI3.2, It can knit plain, interlock, spandex, mesh fabric and can make sportswear, swimsuit and so on.

  • Item NO.: DJI 3.2
  • Product Origin: Fujian, China
  • Lead Time: 30~45 days
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Power: 5.5 KW
  • Weight: 3000 KG
  • Gauge: 14GG-44GG
  • Diameter [inch]: 30” - 40”

Product Detail

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Our Feature

1. Machine designed with 3.2 feeds per diametrical inch and synchronized yarn feeder to keep the high precision single adjusting button in cam box will easily adjust the needle position
2. With three shafts can enhance the reliability and durability of the transmission system so that the stability of operation and high-speed dynamic precision of the machine is improved
3. Skid resistance of QUAP Pulley with the belt, make sure synchronization of yarn feeding wheel and reduce the time of broken yam
4. well, keep stable and high production with a high-quality interlock fabric

DJI double jersey machine heart (3)
DJI double jersey machine heart

Production Example

DJI3.2 108F for 34inch ,open width and 25rpm [unfinished,85%]

Structure   Gauges (E) Yarn   Weight (g/m2) Production kg/h
Interlock 24 Polyester 150/72/1 Den 250 20

Technical Details

Type DJI 3.2
Diameter [inch] 30” - 40
No. Of feeders   98F - 128F  [3.2 feeds per inch] (Example:34” 108F)
Speed factor [max] 850 (Example : 25rpm at 34” )
Gauges [E]    14GG-44GG

Available frames

Tubular frame Open width frame
Standard tubular frame  Giant tubular frame  Standard Open width frame Giant open width frame 
Frame For 550 mm Fabric rolls  Frame for 680mm fabric rolls  Frame for 330mm fabric rolls   Frame for 680mm fabric rolls 
DJI double jersey machine fabric (2)
DJI double jersey machine fabric

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