Servo System Suitable For Circular Knitting Machines LEADSFON

We adopted has changed the traditional manual adjustment of the feeding reel to adjust the backward operation of the yarn feeding amount.

  • The electronic servo yarn feeding system
1. It replaces the traditional yarn feeding device with the servo winding machine, which can accurately input the yarn length to reduce the manual adjustment time.
2. The yarn feeding is stable, the yarn is not easy to break, the cloth surface is smoother, the yarn adjustment result is accurate, the yarn adjustment time is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved.




Servo Yarn Feeding System
  • Servo take down
1. It replaces the traditional gearbox shifting, making it quicker and easier to replace sprockets. During the crimping process of the cloth, the tension of each position is uniform, and the gram weight of each position of the cloth is relatively consistent, which improves the quality of the fabric while improving efficiency.
2. The position of the yarn feeder is precise and uniform, which ensures the relative position of the yarn and the knitting needle, and ensures that the machine runs at a high speed, and the woven fabric has a clear texture, no missing needles, flower needles, holes, and another defect.


Servo Yarn Feeding System-1
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Post time: Jul-05-2022